My name is Martin Rishton and I started scuba diving in 2008 after suddenly realising it had always been a life-long ambition to go underwater! I was initially inspired by television programmes, documentaries and films and eventually took the plunge into the cold and murky green water of Stoney Cove – an old quarry near to Leicester, which is also now a national dive centre.

I am a BSAC Open Water Instructor and I regularly teach with my branch Clidive in London and the south coast.

The underwater world is truly amazing and I hope to share it with as many people as possible.  As a diver I am very lucky to witness, at first hand, the wonders of life that exist under the waves. I believe these amazing sights should be shared with as many people as possible who cannot see it for themselves…

I trained originally with the BSAC branch, Tottenham Aquaknots, I then went on to expand my diving experiences in the UK and then in some ‘blue water’ diving locations abroad soon afterwards.

My aim is simple: to inspire people to take more interest in the underwater environment and to help protect this very delicate and hugely over-used resource, hopefully then we can take a step toward protecting the life in the oceans. The natural balance of life under water is threatened by over-fishing, pollution and mismanagement and it is a very precious resource - two-thirds of the planet’s surface is covered in water; we cannot survive without healthy oceans.

For more information about how to help support the marine environment, please follow and  support:

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  1. Gentrit says:

    Jack, great post. I have always liked the idea of Scuba dinivg. From your description you might have persuaded me. I have a couple of questions I wonder if you could answer?Have you ever seen a shark?How much does it cost to Scuba dive?Where would you be able to buy a BCD?How do you communicate underwater?What do you do if you need to go to the loo whilst dinivg? ( I don’t really need an answer, but its a question never asked )I look forward to your answers.

    • martin says:

      Great Gentrit, I hope I have inspired you to try out scuba diving, you won’t regret it!

      I have seen a shark, watch out for future posts detailing these sighting :) as for your other questions, if you send me a private email and tell me where you live, I will try and offer you some advice based upon dive centres/clubs in your area, if I can. Thanks for your comments and questions.

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